Our goal

The water bottle that is sustainably produced, reusable, and made from only one resource and fully recyclable!”

Our goal

The temperature on earth is rising, the ice caps are melting, natural disasters are becoming more severe, and more and more of our flora and fauna are disappearing. Our world has been subjected to a lot of change over the course of millions of years, but within a generation we have succeeded in accelerating this process rapidly. Due to the extremely rapid developments of humanity the scales of the eco-system have tipped, and the balance has disappeared with all consequences included. We must also realize that the disappearance of this essential balance only enhances the above-mentioned disruptions. 

We cannot turn the tide by ourselves, but together we can! This means that everyone needs to take responsibility. Life is all about give and take. The imbalance came into existence, because we had taken more than we gave back, but did we truly have that right?

At Eurobottle we take responsibility by solely offering sustainable and reusable bottles. We do find, however, that this by itself is not enough anymore and that is why we keep looking for new possibilities on a path to a better future. A future where we have reattained our balance with nature and all other living creatures on Earth. 

I can already hear you thinking: “What are those possibilities?” We are taking the first step by launching our new Oasus water bottle. We not only look for more sustainable ways of producing our product by making the bottles lightweight, but we also focus to the phase after long-term use, mainly the recycling process. 

The collection of waste is relatively well organised in the Netherlands and most parts of Europe. It would be easy to assume that our waste will be automatically recycled, but sadly this is not the case. A large amount of waste is already being recycled, however there is still a long way to go. Simply declaring that your product is recyclable, does not necessarily mean that it is going to be recycled. For a product to be recycled, it needs to meet certain requirements, such as:

  • The product must be fabricated from a specific resource (PET, PP or PE);
  • The product must be entirely created from the above-mentioned resource, if not it will need to be disassembled so that each and every part can be disposed of;

Curious as to what aspects of your product are truly recyclable? Check the KIDV. website for more information.


By purchasing our Oasus water bottle, you do not only get a super good-looking and sustainable bottle, but also contribute to a better world and environment.

Alongside big investments in technological advancements there is also a lot of research, transparency and cooperation required to increase awareness and improve the quality of collecting, recycling, and production of reusable resources. Thus, recycling changes form downcycling to upcycling. This means that the quality of recycled resources should be just as good as the quality of non-recycled resources. We still have a long journey ahead of us before that becomes a reality. At Eurobottle we actively participate in project groups and initiatives that improve the quality of the recycling process. Our goal is to share our knowledge and simultaneously learn from others. These two aspects are crucial steps towards a complete circular product.

Curious to all the unique aspects of the Oasus water bottle?

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Available in any color and decorative band available with engraving.

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