Many hands make light work!

By Annicka Eden

Assembling our bottles requires a lot of human action. Bewel is our helping hand and carries out this process with precision. The strength of this collaboration is that a total package can be delivered that meets our full needs. From storage and printing to assembly and shipping. “Everything under one roof ensures that we can switch quickly,” says Thomas Bremer, who is responsible for logistics at Eurobottle, among other things.

At Eurobottle we take our responsibility by offering only sustainably produced and reusable bottles (water bottles and water bottles). We try to apply this sustainable aspect in all our processes. We are proud of the collaboration with Bewel. Bewel is an organization that employs people with a distance to the labor market. This cooperation stimulates economic and social progress. A great win-win situation for everyone.

Craftsmanship by professionals. At Eurobottle it’s all about the end product, but before you get to the end product there are many steps that need to be followed. Because all these actions now take place at the same location, we have been able to optimize and design processes better.


Since last July, Eurobottle has launched a new product: “the Oasus water bottle”. This product runs alongside the sale of the current water bottles. This sustainable water bottle has been fully developed by Eurobottle and in addition to the many color combinations, it is also possible to personalize this water bottle. With these developments, Bewel looked at the options for printing and assembling the water bottle. We are pleased that we have once again been able to join forces with Bewel for the Oasus water bottle and further expand this collaboration.


A great collaboration, which not only gives shape to more sustainable processes, but also attaches great importance to the human aspect! As a result, there is good and fast communication, which makes it possible to switch quickly. “We look forward to a long collaboration”, says Thomas, who maintains daily contact with Bewel.