From recycling to upcycling

By Annicka Eden

From recycling to upcycling

From recycling to upcycling, an almost new term that you hear more and more in the production chain. At least recycling has been playing a prominent role for some time now. If a waste product is reprocessed into a raw material, after which a new product is created, this is recycling. With upcycling, the recycled raw material can be used for at least the same application as the original application.

Last week, our Managing Director Nico van Lith was invited to join an internal talk show and participate in the discussion about the ecological transformation, from consumption to reuse. A great initiative to share knowledge and at the same time learn from others.

With the arrival of our new Oasus water bottle, we have tried to think about all facets. We do not only look at producing the products even more sustainably by making them less heavy, but also at the phase after long-term reuse, namely the recycling process and making a fully circular product.

Nico specifically highlights the black Oasus water bottle. We have given this color the name “Inclusiv Black”. The reason for this is that black plastic is usually not sorted in the recycling process, but incinerated. This is because the sorting installation often does not detect the black plastic products. Infra-red is used for sorting and because the black absorbs all infra-red light, the type of plastic is not recognized. The result is that the product ends up in the residual flow and is therefore incinerated.

The colorant for our Inclusiv black Oasus water bottle is therefore not black but very dark green. So dark green that it appears black to the eye. As a result, our Oasus water bottle is detectable by the sorting installation and we contribute to better recyclability of our products.

By purchasing our Oasus water bottle you not only buy a super beautiful sustainable water bottle, but you also make a concrete contribution to a better world and environment.

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