Engraving of the Oasus water bottle

Engraving the Oasus water bottle is an excellent way to express your brand in a sustainable way. By engraving an Oasus water bottle we remove a layer from the material, making your logo permanently visible on the bottle. A durable way to keep your water bottle fully sustainable!

Available from 50 pieces
Color engraving varies per water bottle
Customizable with logo and name

The Oasus water bottle is the ideal sustainable business gift for your company.

Engraved Oasus water bottles with a logo
Engraved Oasus water bottles with a logo
Personalized water bottles with logo and name

How does the engraving process work?

Our sustainable Oasus water bottle is now even more sustainable by engraving with a laser instead of another printing technique. But how does a laser create a permanent print on the water bottle? The laser can turn colored plastic into white or black. This is very special because if you cut through the piece of plastic, there is no black or white color visible. The is visible due to migration on the plastic.

With this new laser technique we make the Oasus water bottle even more durable and it even gives the option to personalize each bottle with a name. On one side the logo of the company and on the other side the name of an employee for example. This is a great addition to our product range. Are you wondering if the Oasus water bottle suits your company? Or would you like to receive a free print design without obligation? In that case, please contact us.

Our available colors:

Engraving Oasus Water Bottle - Sustainable Business Gift
Oasus - Various examples blue - white - green - Water bottles with logo

Sustainable business gift

The Oasus water bottle is the ideal sustainable business gift for your company. Engrave your water bottle with your logo and engrave the names of your employees or suppliers on the other side. This way you give your company endless visibility because the water bottles are used in many places and go along everywhere. 

But what’s so sustainable about the Oasus water bottle?
Quite simply, we make our sport bottles from plastic which is created from sugar cane. “Traditionally, plastic is made from crude oil. Extracting crude oil and processing it into plastic takes a lot of energy. Producing it creates a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2) and can cause environmental pollution. This all contributes to global warming (greenhouse effect).”

The Oasus water bottle is made entirely of biobased plastic. The mono-material makes the bottle 100% recyclable. The bottle has a light weight which also increases sustainability and contributes to an ecological footprint.

1 Oasus water bottle = 1% donation to UNICEF Plastic Bricks

Watch how laser engraving works.

1 Oasus water bottle = 1% donation to UNICEF Plastic Bricks

As Unicef’s business buddy, Oasus helps with the project ‘Plastic Bricks‘ in the Ivory Coast, recycling plastic litter into building blocks for classrooms for children. Another important pillar is the training of adult women who are trained to collect this plastic litter and receive a fair price for it.