About Oasus

“Simply the most sustainable water bottle!”

About Oasus

With great pride we present the new generation of sustainable water bottles: Oasus. In “Our Goal” we explain why we introduce this new water bottle and why this is the new generation of bottles. Now we wish to tell you why we named this unique bottle the Oasus.

The name Oasus is a contraction of the words ‘oasis’ and ‘sustainable’.

As you probably know, an oasis is a unique place in the desert with water and greenery. In this green place it is possible to survive and gain new energy. It is a refreshing and fertile place. We see drinking (tap) water as fresh, refreshing and it gives you new energy!

We also see an oasis as a very sustainable place, where everything is and remains in balance. Sustainability has always been the starting point during the development of the Oasus water bottle. The water bottle must of course be useful, be produced in a responsible manner, last a long time and ultimately be completely recycled.

The name Oasus sums it all up in just one powerful word!


The Oasus water bottle’s design has been well thought out, giving it perfect ergonomics. This makes quenching your thirst extraordinary comfortable.

Responsible production?

The Oasus water bottle is exclusively made from a biobased HDPE. By using this biobased material, we reduce our carbon footprint immensely in comparison with more traditional materials. Click here to find out more about the advantages of using a biobased HDPE.

Long lasting?

The Oasus water bottle is easy to keep clean, thanks to the large opening. The high-quality design makes for an extremely reusable bottle, excellent for long-term use. 

Complete recycling?

We have designed the Oasus water bottle around long-term us, but as most things, there will be a moment when we have to say goodbye to your bottle. The very distinctive “look & feel” of our bottle incentivizes proper recycling. Often at home by local regulations, but also outside that environment. This bottle will find its way into the correct “to-be recycled” pile, because of its uniform materials. It will always be correctly disposed of and thusly recycled. 

The Oasus is not only the most sustainable water bottle ever but it is also the only one that can be customized with an engraving on the aesthetic band on top. The same material is used for the band as for the entire bottle, which makes it excellent for recycling purposes. As of this moment, the Oasus water bottle is the lightest one available. Because of its weight, it is more sustainable than other bottles.This also results in less emissions when it comes to logistics. In short, the most sustainable water bottle available!

About Oasus

Available in any color and decorative band available with engraving.

Latest news

1 Oasus water bottle =
1% to Unicef Plastic Bricks

As a partner of Unicef, Oasusbottle is helping in the  ‘Plastic Bricks‘ project in Ivory Coast, which recycles plastic into building blocks for children’s classrooms. Another important pillar is the education of adult women who are trained in the collection, storage and processing of plastic.